Quintiles and bi-quintiles point to talent, the desire to create order and to categorize, a fascination with patterns and structures, perfectionist tendencies, and the desire to build or make things. These aspects in the fifth harmonic have the characteristics of both the trine and opposition. They point to awareness of conflicts or problems and finding solutions for them.



 sesquiquintile, which is basically a square and a half, and a square, there is a feeling of tension inherent in them.

It is almost as if today you will be faced with the choice to DO IT or NOT DO IT, with very little room to move in between



A sextile is a positive aspect spanning 60 degrees between two signs.The energy created between these two planets with a sextile aspect is one that is very cooperative. This means that each of the planet’s energies inspire and encourage each other instead of holding each other back. Because of this, new ideas and opportunities can flow smoothly between different aspects of one person’s life.Planets that have a sextile planetary aspect have a relationship that allows concepts and ideas to flow easily between them. The energies within the planets tend to collaborate and work well together. While positive, this aspect doesn’t push the individual towards any action – but also doesn’t create any disruptions.



It’s an astrological aspect in which two planets are separated by an angle of 135 degrees.



Create restrictions and obstacles. Planets Push each pther to work hard to integrate


Planets in conjunction complement and intensify one another. Postive when PLanets are in harmony

This is the heading

energy flow between planets Seamlessly . BRings luck talents and opportunities


Planets are in polarity .Cerate deep tension and can lead to frustration when not integrated