Transiting Mars in inconjunct with natal Saturn

Transiting Mars in inconjunct (forming, 0.7 degrees) with natal Saturn

Mars from transiting in strong conjunction with Mars

Between 28/8/2023 and 3/9/2023, exact 31/8/2023, this transit is at its strongest (within 2 degrees).

The combination of these two planets’ energies that is most potent.

Right now, you’re ready to act on your violent inclination. This week-long transit has a beneficial effect on your outward-looking behaviour, assertiveness, and love of animals. At this time, you may need a way to release all of your colourful energy, such as participating in sports or another physical activity, to prevent internal strain from building up. Beware of arguments; you have a strong will and may become more contentious than normal. Accidents are another potential symptom to be on the lookout for. Throughout this brief time, you’ll have plenty of energy to engage in any activity. It’s a great moment to start something new, to advance work you’re attempting to finish, to connect with what you really want for yourself, and to start something new. The week or two that this transit is in force may provide you amazing clarity in knowing exactly what you desire in life.

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