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Everything is a circle, everything is a cycle

Timing is Everything

No matter what you're trading style is without the right timing the battle will be an up hill struggle

This disciplined approach

Discipline is a skill that can be learnt and mastered into a habit that will having your future self thanking your past self for staying the course,

Learn more about your zodiac sign to shed light on your personality, love life, career, and more. Insight into your strengths, weaknesses, and life path are all accessible once you unpack your zodiac sign’s lessons during this life.

After many year’s of diligent study with WD gann and co Erick and yuhan 

we can now use  use the powers of the cosmos to tells us a new epic story

See the Rocksolid Astroteric Method:  

First Sign : Masculine . Cardinal fire , Ruler Mars 

part of the body: Head 

Impulsive, desire to be first, energetic, physically active, impatient , blunt, adventurous,

As the first zodiac sign, is full of impulsive, active spontaneous fiery energy. The Arian image of the ram, with his curved horns and feisty nature . is well suited to the the get-up-and go drive Alive in both an Aries woman or Aries man, those born with the war god as their rising, sun, or moon sign have initiatory energy in their core personality, like the power of rebirth in Spring. Aries is a good friend when he has time to spend with you. This is when he /she is not to busy whipping round the solar system between the Gods and Men messages that need to be delivered., A passionate and exiting sign thou not always reliable. Aries always seem to be on some kind of mission , always seeking new pastures and are found in the midst of adventure or cries  

The Bull

APR 20 – MAY 20

Ruler: Venus, Feminine , fixed, 
Stale and realistic, calm , patient , stubborn, deliberate , warm and kind , practically organised.

As a Taurus rising, you’re ruled by earth, and your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, long-term connections and money.

Taurus rules the neck and shoulders, so Traders Look for Head and shoulder patterns in your charts or run pattern searches with your investor tools, when this sign rules / in orbit )

When Mercury is in Taurus usually takes time before responding to others , as needs to consider the answer, May ask practical questions or give careful explanations. 

Their Taurean figures are likely to come out in these areas very strongly. Taurus is the sign of the Bull, so Taurus rising natives will often have very sturdy and strong shoulders. They could also have thick necks visionally.

Dependable and patient, Following Aries in the natural order of things , pragmatic Taurus Completes what impetuous Aries starts

As a earth grounded sign of the zodiac Tareen rarely give fights to fantasy or to taking to many chances, However once committed, Taurus is loyal and dependable friend and support.


MAY 21 – JUN 20

Masculine, Mutable air image Twins : Ruler Mercury 

body parts :lungs hands arms 

As a Gemini rising, you’re ruled by air, and your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of technology, intellect and communication.

Mentally alert, quick-thinking , restless , curious, communication,

important, friendly.

As a Gemini rising, you’re ruled by air, and your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of technology, intellect and communication.

quick to tell you all about it. That’s because they love to talk! It’s not just idle chatter with these folks, either. The driving force behind a Gemini zodiac sign’s conversation is their mind

Needing two of everything , two jobs, two place to live , often tow partnerships  /marriages/  

thriving on having several balls in the air at the same time , Curious and suffer from Fomo

“Fear of missing out “

Gemini master a subject and moves on to the next thing -for life has so many interesting possibilities . Gemini often feels frustrated that he/she can not cant read every book or otherwise absorb information fancy enough  

trades can look for consolidation in price action as information is being absorb so trading ranges strategy would best suit this times when Gemini rules looking 

The Lion

MAY 21 – JUN 20

Fifth Sign: Masculine Fixed Fire : Images Lion : Ruler : The Sun

Body parts : Heart , Spine

Confident , enthusiastic , proud , Generous, playful, can be self-centred or opinionated , creative , dramatic 

Traders can look for impulsive moves in price action 3rd waves in Elliot.

Ruled by fire, and your ruling planet is the sun, the planet of ego, identity and


This Fiery Sign wow as it goes I have a very good  friend who is a Leo we call him Guan. When you though the hood with this guy, he would make  you feel like a hundred men, His presence and aura is large and majestic.

The leader of the Zodiac , and he thrives on drama and highly charged situation as a martial art expert and personal trainer he is once you were glad is on your side .   

Like the Sign ruler  he identifies with being centre stage and radiates natural warmth. This caring , generous sign who affection readily and need to receive a lot of Love and attention from others . This sign can be prone to flattery like the old kings of old.


AUG 23 – SEP 22

Feminine, mutable Earth : the virgin Goddess ruler Mercury 

Practical organised and mentally creative , kind , seeks results , quietly observant , critical , discriminating likes regularity 

As a Virgo rising, you’re ruled by earth, and your ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of technology, intellect and communication.

Quick thinking , versatilke and eminently practical reflected by her Mercury and her earthy mutability . Ters a certain artistic flair makes her adept at creating things, be it pottery , or embroidery or bread , after all the Virgo Goddess riles in the time of the harvest

Therefore; investors should be looking at agricultural stocks.

If there there is no application then Virgo has little use for it and there dis instrested and will move on quickly toi making her list of the next things to do with a keen eye for detail and little things  knowing that the little things are the bases for the bigger picture.

As this she is different to her processor Leo as he sweeps aside the devil in the detail in favour of the grandiooso picture.

Recognition is nice but not an essential thing for the Virgo goddess and rather shines away from the lime light. 

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this horoscope sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical  

born to serve, and it gives them great joy. They are also tailor-made for the job, since common Virgo traits are being industrious, methodical, and efficient as they ensure that they are always working for the greater good.

The Crab

June 21 – July 22

Fourth sign of the zodiac : Feminine Cardinal Water : Image: Crab Ruler: Moon 

Body Parts Breast , Stomach 

Personally sensitive , caring, and protective , Changeable , moody , intuitive family very important

The water Dwelling crab The cancerean usually learn when very young to develop a hard shell to protect a soft body . Her cultural background and her extended family is very important to her very defence , 

Therefore; investor may want to look and defensive stock and news events about protection , fertility and childbirth.

Cancer prefer to have comfortable home so Furniture stocks Ikea shares, home comforts items should be on the rise when this sign rules as Cancers are maternal, domestic, and love to nurture others. More than likely, their family will be large, too—the more, the merrier! Cancers will certainly be merry if their home life is serene and harmonious.

By laying down roots, we make a home for ourselves, or more specifically, the self. It’s worth noting , new house purchase or index on the rise.

In Caner we seek to come home both physically and psychically, for ourselves and for those we love. By creating home, we create a meeting place, a sanctuary, a sacred place for ourselves and for others.


Sept 23 – Oct 22

The scales Ma’at -Goddess of truth, justice and balance. She prevented the creation from reverting to chaos and judged the deeds of the dead with her feather.

Her followers believed that after death their hearts would be weighed against her white feather of judgement. If the heart weighed the same they would be allowed to cross into the kingdom of Osiris (Paradise). However those that failed the test would be devoured by the crocodile headed God Ammut.

She also represented the the primal laws of the universe that supported creation and prevented it from falling into chaos. 

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, and it’s at this point in the zodiac that we start to see a shift.

“Trades look for a change in trend , Where Trend line start to be broken / retested with failure looking to take out higher highs the  Lower Lows ” Fib 100% /50% expansion targets / Retest / Retracements.

While the first six signs of the zodiac focus on the individual, the last six focus on the individual’s contact with others and with the world.

For a Libra, everything is better if it’s done as a pair market traders can look  for collaboration, mergers within the stock market. since they epitomize balance, harmony, and a sense of fair play. While they are true team players at work, their favourite partnership. They dislike conflict an will compromise , persuade or reason with others to avoid it . In this he shows the cardinal nature  tho he is good at provoking others into changing their position. 

In this crucial role she stood for balance and harmony. Her power was beyond the Pharoah’s who declared themselves beloved of Ma’at and upholders of her laws.

As a Libra rising, you’re ruled by air, and your ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, beauty, long-term connections and money.


Oct 23 – Nov 21

You’re ruled by water, and your ruling planets are Pluto the planet of transformation and evolution/Mars the planet of War, anger, passion and sex

They say eyes are windows to the soul, right? Well, Scorpio has the key to cut deep and rip it open and bare all, This magnetic pull is as a rising Penetrating and mystical eyes Take a look at them and you never want to look away enchanted by their mystical secretes of the shadow sides that rule the eight house of death . 

The feeling run deeply derives the greatest meaning from the emotional situations, Scorpio feeling are hidden in side herself , However she does not lightly reveal them to others.

Traders can look for powerful connections and mergers within the industry.

transforming structures,  rejigging the organisation by looking beneath the surface facing death this can mean sheading of staff life a snake sheds its skin.

Scorpios deeply wish to innerstand life and will therefore venture out go where angel fear to tread.

Loyal with steadfast qualities shared with Taurus but tarsus being more down to earth.


Nov 22 to Dec 21


SYMBOL: The Centaur / Archer MODE + ELEMENT: Mutable Fire


BODY PART: Hips, Thighs, & Liver

COLORS: Maroon & Navy blue


Explore and seeker, philosopher, imaginative, freedom loving, uncommitted

For Sagittarius, the journey is the thing As a trader I want to be looking at the travel index and industry.

Areas of life such as philosophy , religion or spirituality may fascinate him though he may not believe everything what he learns.

fake news traders or fading the trending like a major pull backs in  an uptrend with faster moving instruments like currencies or crypto.  

The centaurs arrow (wave next rend ) could go in any direction a fascinating concept and ideas for Sagittarius enjoys an element of random chance

Some Sagittarian may be involved in horses at some point in life they may feel the urge to ride them or gabble on them in a quest to gallop away into the next  sunset.


Dec 21 – Jan 20

CAPRICORN DATES: Dec 21 – Jan 20 ,

SYMBOL: The Sea-Goat, MODE + ELEMENT: Cardinal Earth RULING PLANET: Saturn HOUSE: Tenth , MANTRA: I Use, 

BODY PART: The Knees COLORS: Brown & Khaki, 


As a Capricorn rising, you’re ruled by earth, and your ruling planet is Saturn, the planet of rules, structure, work and determination like the mountain goat  has the responsibility ty  of climb the mountain against what seems I’m possible . The Cap- Captain – The archetypal father has the ability to handle it well and may eventually become a major authority in his or her  field, speaking of fields, traders may want to look at corn stocks in agricultural, because  in a later tale, Amalthea’s nursed who baby Zeus after he escaped being eaten by his father, Cronos. broken horn was transformed into the “cornucopia” full of earthly bounties.
The Babylonians called the Sea-Goat Ea, who was the protective god of water, knowledge, and creation. 
Founded on the rock or seen as a pillar of society occupations can be found in Law, Police, teaching , medicine or business. Traders should look for new projects with influential people as there is always a high mountain to climb.
The Water-Bearer

Jan 21 – Feb 18

SYMBOL: The Water-Bearer, MODE + ELEMENT: Fixed Air
HOUSE: Eleventh, MANTRA: I Know, BODY PART: The Shins
COLORS: Silver & Blue
Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, and Aquarians are the perfect representatives for the Age of Aquarius. Those born under this horoscope sign have the social conscience needed to carry us into the new millennium. Those of the Aquarius zodiac sign are humanitarian, philanthropic, and keenly interested in making the world a better place. Along those lines, they’d like to make the world work better, which is why they focus much of their energy on our social institutions and how they work (or don’t work).

The constellation of Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is one of the oldest of our current zodiac. Harking back to Babylonian times, the Aquarius constellation was associated with the protective god Ea, who carried an overflowing vase of water.

The Egyptians associated Aquarius with the flooding of the Nile, which was believed to occur when the Water-Bearer dipped his pitcher into the great river. The swelling of the Nile then corresponded to the commencement of Spring, a fertile time of growth after the flood of water to the region.

In the western tropical zodiac, Aquarius season begins on January 21, commencing the middle and heart of Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the time of year when the sun, Leo’s planetary ruler, is at its lowest strength, heat, and light. and Leo begin the opposite sign seeking individualism. Aquarius thrives in a group setting which lends to that cool and remote demeanour of the Aquarian archetype, which also tends to be more thoughtful and inventive during the cold, insular season rooting for the underdog while searching for justice in human rights and often moved to champion the cause of others against what he perceives as restrictive circumstances. He will assert himself on his own behalf and will encourage others to stand up for themselves, envisioning the good of all involved.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

Yin & yang 

Think Jesus and you have the Piscean ruled by water, and your ruling planet is Neptune, the planet of intuition, spirituality, dreams and illusions.

Living with physical realty is sometimes just too much for Pisces , Which is why some many Piscean can be found in make-believe profession and the arts, actors, artist , poets , photographs Musician , film makers , beautician , they are also drawn to industries where the less fortunate members of society are to be found the sick, prisoner  the needy of all kinds. With a deep deep connection to the universe and all things divine. 

All about Moon Phases

Throughout each month, the Moon appears to change shape while it appears in the sky at different times, including in broad daylight! Anyone can observe these changes as they happen. The Moon’s ever-changing shapes are called “lunar phases.”

The Moon’s shape changes for the following reasons:

  1. The Moon orbits Earth.

  2. Both Earth and the Moon orbit the Sun.

  3. The Moon’s orbit is the same length as the time it spins on its axis (about 28 Earth days), which means that we see the same part of the lunar surface all month.

  4. The Sun illuminates both Earth and the Moon.

All about Esoterica

Esoterica is obscure knowledge or topics that are only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people, especially those within a certain group Esoterica series, astronomy and astrology were once sister sciences: the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza was built to align with constellations, Persian scholars oversaw some of the first observatories, and even Galileo cast horoscopes for the Medicis. We here at Rocksolid Astroteric will be looking into how to blend the 3 areas of interest astrology , ancient philosophy  and the financial markets 

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