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Here you will find everything about astrology, from the introductions for beginners to articles on special topics. This treasury of astrology contains the knowledge of the best astrologers in the world, with articles from Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Dana Gerhardt and many more excellent authors. Furthermore: Articles from the Mountain Astrologer, the AA Journal, Infinity Astrological Magazine and Constellation News.

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sense of identity , ego, self-awareness , creative centre, and father. At the centre of our solar system, theat holds us all in its gravitational grip. all planets are set in an eternal orbit around it. Following a proscribe path that does not vary, except for some intermittent fluctuations. its light is so bright that even in the depth of the night, the sun’s rays are apparent through the brightness of reflected moonshine. This Symbolises the way in which the individual will shine outward to the world. The sun is a personal entity and the ease or assuredness with which he will project his individuality will depend on the harmony of the aspects of the sun and the extent to which the sun places either balances or conflicts with other factors in the chart. The sun is a masculine principle and has to do with courage, power, self-confidence, and will. It symbolizes authority and purpose, the ruler, father, husband, generosity, vitality, and creative spring from it source. The Sun is self-sufficient in abundance. with energy enough to radiate warmth and life all around. The first spark of life, the one-dimensional essence from which all life grows. The circle itself often symbolizes spirit. reminding us of the divine unity which promises that each one of us is God in potential.


Instinct, needs, emotions, responses, moods nurturing, memories , the past, family, mother. 

As the Sun illuminates the day , so the Moon illuminates the night. The two luminaries are an opposing pair of equal : where as the sun is Masculine and outward looking yang (yang) the Moon is (yin) feminine , unconscious-or subconscious and inward looking .

Like the Sun it corresponds with the way in which we reflect and respond to what is going on around us. It has to do with our feelings, emotions and instincts which is why it  so powerful in the financial market place. where fear and greed rule the Maya.

The Moon influences the tides on our planet The symbolizes the ebb  and flow of our emotional nature, our moods and changeability. it is the archetype of the mother, which is within us all, man or woman.

The moon is said to have a link to the past ( past prices ) Trader trade past Peaks and troughs. The Moon is a feminine Principle and is associates with the inner deer unconscious a figure half shrouded in mystery. Linking the dark personal world of the unconscious to the clearer world of personal awareness. 


Style of communication, thinking , learning mentality, Connections,

Mercury represent communication in all its forms -talking reading, writing , teaching and thinking. the linking process provided by the carrying of messages is symbolizes by Mercury and busyness is the planets hall mark . Never more than 28 degrees away . Mercury indicates the mentality and intellectual capacity of individuals , how he talks , how he thinks and the way in which his/her mind works. . It points to reasoning abilities, to teaching., to teaching and learning capacities and , in evolved manifestations, The transformation of spiritual energies into matter.

One of the the god Mercury role in mythology was to act as a bridge between the gods and mankind , and to carry messages swiftly between the two.. No one really knows how ideas come to us , so a belief that ideas arrive form the gods like messages was a plausible supposition in ancient times. Communication and   Connectiveness of all kinds  extended from the of individual to the large world of the finical markets including the financial markets.

With its pricked up ears alert and eager to to pass on information , Symbolically it consist of the circle of spirit over the cross of matter, surmounted by the half circle of soul -a combination open to interpretation   


relating to others, giving and receiving love, Personal values, self-expression, appreciation. art harmony.

Venus is the feminine planet of love, and of personal development through other people in your life. relationships of all kinds, close friendships, romantic  affairs marriage , partnerships and yes business  mergers which is what we are concerned with. . It urges towards close relations and the ability to love and be loved. With charm and beauty The symbol suggest there is a balance between the cross of matter and the circle of spirit , but that spirit is supreme. , one can see the symbol as the hand-held mirror in which the young woman admires herself.. The African goddess Oya or the Roman goddess Aphrodite to the Greeks and watches over love, sensual pleasures, fertility and beauty , or the Egyptian Goddess Ishtar 


will, drive , desire, courage, survival, impulsiveness, assertion or anger, sharpness, fighting, confrontation  and defending, 

What man Dare , I dare ‘Macbeth’

Mars is the masculine planet of passion and desire. Where Venus waits or beckons. Mars goes out and gets it in. The outward energy of Mars is yang to Venus Yin, masculine to Venus. The warrior assertiveness aggression , because it is such a powerful planet. The warrior can run wild on an undisciplined foray of pillage, rape cruelty , Where as in a well trained trader can harness the power and control and direct his focus with efficiency and poise.

Mars commands respect of the masculine principle when used harmoniously , but it only needs a slight loss of control for this energy to provoke fear, resentment and hatred. Initiative and independence come from Mars , action which often imply a cutting loose from past patterns and restrictive comforts.  Mars associates itself with all cutting edge moves  and not just with the warriors swords but knives  scalpels and other sharp instruments.

If you look closely it is the reverse of Venus and was drawn as the cross above the circle. This modifies to the Phallic, aggressive symbol used today, representing masculine in biology and iron in physics.. the older version put the material world above the spiritual matters can be entirely forgotten in the search for material achievement or alternatively , it may show that the spiritual life still has to be lived in the material world.

Deities associated with the Mars Principle are Hearos and gods of war.


Expansion, exploration growth, Luck, searching for meaning , Opportunity, justice, religion, preservation.

Jupiter is by far the largest planet in the solar system and takes about a year to pass through one of the signs. Therefore about twelve years to make a compete cycle of the zodiac it rotates fast on its axis spinning once every 10 hours. Jupiter absolutely blows my mind in terms of its vastness. the clues are written on the walls of the sky’s as Jupiter enlarges your vision, seizes new openings and potentials, and urges you to seek for meaning to your life. It represents the desire to reach out and expand your knowledge, and refuse to recognise that there are any limits for Jupiter anything is possible.


ZeusStructure, discipline , limitation, practicality , control , sense of reality reasonability,

Limitation is one of the Principles of Saturn . its is the second largest planet and represents the limits of the solar system which can been seen with the naked eye. The planet is enriched with its rings and icy rocks dust and fragments. Saturn is sometimes known as the great teacher where as Jupiter is the jolly uncle Saturn is serious , Saturn caries the a rather depressing reputation the strict head teacher, the one that has a habit of setting an examination test before the pupil has been taught the lesson. haha

It the tough Love approach that bitter medicine you take with that squinted expression on your face. But if you know what’s good for you you better swallow with a smile on your face and say thank you!. 🙂


Obatala Breakthrough, revolution, rebellion, independence, awakening, insight, extremes,

As the first planet that lies beyond Saturn Uranus symbolizes breaking through and breaking free of restrictions , and the safe ways of thinking or acting Saturn can represent, Uranus is about independence radical thinking thinking; revolutionary change and innovation and differentness. This is the planet Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. Its name is a reference to the African God Obatala god of the sky, Uranus, who, according to Greek mythology, was the great-grandfather of Ares, grandfather of Zeus and father of Cronus very powerful,  it sent is rays today  Early morning at 0.700 & 15:30 sell GBPUSD 1:2299  @ Resistance from Fridays Non farm payroll dip and bounce. So I did a little more research about Uranus in Taurus and this is what it said  Uranus is very powerful and its in Taurus ♉  the bull,  Rhe Africa God Obatala  emerging from primeval Chaos, Or the Greek God OURANOS is Riding on the bull to earth signifying great change Now check this … Uranus Discovery was in 1781 unexpectedly by to astronomer and astrologers at a time that believed there was nothing beyond Saturn.  .  This was also around the French Revolution,  the industrial Revolution and the of America 🇺🇸 independence.  Wow!!😮 In astrology the Principles of Uranus are Revolutionary Change 


African God Olokun Yearning for Perfection , merging , idealism and romance , Compassion, imagination, escapism , illusions , intuitions

Olokun (Yoruba: Olókun) is an orisha spirit in Yoruba religion. Olokun is believed to be the parent of Aje, the orisha of great wealth and of the bottom of the ocean. Olokun is revered as the ruler of all bodies of water and for the authority over other water deities. Olokun is highly praised for their ability to give great wealth, health, and prosperity to their followers. Communities in both West Africa and the African diaspora view Olokun variously as female, male, or androgynous

In Neptune we meet the formlessness chaos and complete loss of ego. this planet symbolise our connection with the divine , whatever we perceive that to be and represent the spark of infinity somewhere deep within us. .

Three pronged trident was adopted as the planet Neptune symbol

The ocean represent the collective unconsciousness in which all beings participate . by its very nature unconsciousness this mysterious realm can be understood best through our dreams, intuitions or deep immersion in meditative states.

Neptune links us with mystical , other worldly energies, it provides contact with the intangibility in such as way that inspiration , spirituality , psychic powers and other extremes of sensitivity are made available to anyone who will release his bonds and allow the mysteries process to take place.


pluto Profound change, death and reincarnation, intensity, buried secrets, sexuality, power.

The dwarf planet on account of its small size but do not let that fool you like Messi , it deep symbolic influence on earthly life is extremely powerful for Pluto was the god of the underworld in African tradition her name is ala

Ala is a goddess of the Ibo, African people of eastern Nigeria. The daughter of the great god Chuku, she is the mother goddess of the earth, ruler of the underworld, guardian of the harvest, and goddess of fertility for both people and animals. According to Ibo beliefs, Ala makes a child grow within its mother’s womb.

while Uranus is the breaking down and change of external structures Alya/Pluto is the change within – the earthquake, the volcano the seed which can posses power enough to force its growth up even through concrete . Pluto promises the potential of the phoenix that mythological bird 

working on levels deep below our conscious Alya is awareness much of the time Alya symbolise dying to know situations and established circumstances going through transformative process and re-emerging from the experience with a changed perceptive . Death and rebirth , reincarnation and karam, power and compulsiveness all belong to Pluto in the process of change at a profound level either personally or during a time of social upheaval when attitude or belief are undergoing a shift there is usually a break down in the process first.


The wounded healer The wounded healer, teacher of wisdom, outsider

Chiro is another celestial body of significance used by many astrologers , Now please I urge you to read attention this is a special case , as it is not exactly a planet . it is defined as a cross between a planet and an asteroid and known as planetoid . it is know as the centaur .

In the myth Chiron was the male leader of the legendary Centaurs half horse and half human . His father was Saturn and his mother a nymph in the horse form called Philyra. As a half horse , half human being he was rejected at birth . never the less Chiron grew up to become a wise weapons , master, musician tutor and healer , and taught many African including Greek heroes , including Jason and the Argonauts , Achilles and Hercules, through his accident , he was shot in the leg with a poisoned arrow and this wound could bot be healed , Now being the son of  God he was immortal and could not die of his wounds either. hence the title the wounded healer , someone who could heal others but could not heal himself.

The young century learnt from his step father Apollo

The art of medicine, herbs, music, archery, hunting, gymnastics and prophecy, and made him rise above his beastly nature.[3] Chiron was known for his knowledge and skill with medicine, and thus was credited with the discovery of botany and pharmacy, the science of herbs and medicine.


So now we know whenever Chiron is prevailing we should pay attention to pharmaceutical indices and  stocks 


All about Moon Phases

Throughout each month, the Moon appears to change shape while it appears in the sky at different times, including in broad daylight! Anyone can observe these changes as they happen. The Moon’s ever-changing shapes are called “lunar phases.”

The Moon’s shape changes for the following reasons:

  1. The Moon orbits Earth.

  2. Both Earth and the Moon orbit the Sun.

  3. The Moon’s orbit is the same length as the time it spins on its axis (about 28 Earth days), which means that we see the same part of the lunar surface all month.

  4. The Sun illuminates both Earth and the Moon.

All about Esoterica

Esoterica is obscure knowledge or topics that are only understood or intended to be understood by a small number of people, especially those within a certain group Esoterica series, astronomy and astrology were once sister sciences: the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza was built to align with constellations, Persian scholars oversaw some of the first observatories, and even Galileo cast horoscopes for the Medicis. We here at Rocksolid Astroteric will be looking into how to blend the 3 areas of interest astrology , ancient philosophy  and the financial markets 

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