Astroteric Method

As above as so below

Style & technique
Trade Plan Terms

Date: The time is Now

Planetary Phase:

Daily RulingWho ruling or leading the day.  

Astroteric interpretation

What the conjunction of planets transiting through the various signs and houses forming aspects and angles in their different phases might be telling us?

Price interpretation Astro Patterns:

Traditional style price action explanations

Angels planets can also form Patterns of communication a bit like candle stick, Cover clouds bullish engulfing’s , Hammers, doji’s bottoms. etc. I.e. Rounded bottoms , double tops etc. 

Moon Phase:  

The moon is the earth’s satellite and has many phases throughout the month giving us many trading opportunities as the moon deals with the ebb and flow of the planet’s energies  moods, emotions, memories, the past, family, mother the unconscious  or subconscious   

Gann Ratios & angel:

What I like to call Ra rays from Africa pls see Egyptian god Ra the Sun god . the angles and ratio’s formed from highs and lows. These Ra rays like the Sun form very strong trend lines.

Economic News 

News digest and economic sentiment from the worlds best analysts 

Sweet Spot:

Calculating  price and time and using  Square of 9 time cycles and angels from the studies from WD Gann to get the sweet price entries.

Trade plan:

The Summarized Premarket Orders.


Timing is Everything

In this method I will attempt to  explain an easy systematic way of using current planetary positioning to interpretate market structure and movement using astrology we will cover lunar nodes and  moon move between its different phase. Some say the moon is our closet satellite with regulars cycles illuminating emotions, and the reaction responses to theses energies, memories of the past, while noting that traders always remember past price and how the market reacted to those events/price line at that the time breaking or supporting price action.

We also have an average of 5 & average 8 planets which was recommended by WD Gann  was a finance trader who developed the technical analysis methods like the Gann angles[1],  his Square of nine, the Hexagon Chart and the and the Circle of 360 in his trading. Some of which we will explore on our journey 

Each planet is useful but bigger planets like Saturn, and Jupiter, plays a vital role and have a bigger impact in terms of their influence on us on earth although Uranus is the smallest it still packs a powerful punch.

The simple price analysis of the charts that will follow will provide a visual description of the pieces of the jigsaw:

This analysis should enable one to put all the information together so that they come in alignment comfortably and show a coherent, interesting, and helpful picture. I hope these studies will excite you in more ways than just making money.


NOTE Larger celestial body matters! High volume large planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune aspects have bigger effects on overall markets

Planet                  Market

Jupiter                Gold, Forex

Saturn                 Metal Market, Crude Oil

Mercury              Telecommunication, Media


Aspects are showing in degrees. Geometric position between two planets. In other words the angular  relationship between the planets

Among all aspects, 0 deg. 180 degrees is one of the most powerful aspects. You will notice during this time lots of market movements while the planets communicate or conjuncting with one another. This is because the markets has structure and angels that determine hidden market movement that seems to synchronize with the planet’s orbit. Their behaviors after all are enacted within the cosmic family of us and our place in it.

In my humble opinion, we as a mass evolving consciousness are picking up on these subliminal cosmic rays, however influencing our behavior, Hence, therefore, begging the question of who’s really in control…

Does Mr. Price answer to a higher force?  and risk management to you. 

I guess we’re dealing with human behaviors as a wider representation of consciousness displayed in the financial market arena. and if so how can we use it as a tool and achieve our cutting-edge advantage.

Pls, note The Aspect price are related to aspect timing.  We will plot related aspect price lines with the same aspect times as you will see.

For example, if there is a mars aspect of 60 degrees. Then we will look at Mars 60-degree aspect price line. As I shall explain clearly in the next strategy section.

Pls note :

0 deg                  Highly powerful

180 deg              Powerful

120 deg              Powerful

90 deg                Powerful

60 deg                Weak

45 deg                Weak


Moon ingress

With Moon Ingress, you can find three types of trend signals. Trend continuation, trend reversal, Weak or no signal at all. ( consolidation). We will also be using moon phases to tell a story or explain certain unconscious patterns of behavior at the peaks and troughs of the new and full moon periods. Is it possible to track the occurrence of emotion in social media and financial times, or to get ahead of the game with market sentiment indicator tools, heat maps, and so on? We want to be well-positioned while the masses are acting out of fear or greed, when either overoptimism ends or before the party starts. 

These cosmic signs have been with us since the beginning of time and will be with us long after we are gone; however, because we are here now, we can figure out how to be their best friend and have these energies tell us a story from the past. My life’s joy is monitoring these communications—the endless mysteries and strange coincidences that seem to influence our behaviours. The question is whether it can give us an edge. The answer is yes. see my account  

The moon reflects our instincts, reactions, and capacity to adapt to all situations. 


Planetary Phase:

Astrological patterns

Moon Phases 

Astroteric: interpretation:

Gann angle ratios:

Economic News 

Trade plan:


Table of Contents

Live trade signals

The Strategy


DR planet is the key! Daily Ruling.

If the DR planet is “The Sun” then I will look for Sun aspects for that day. If there is a Sun aspect of 90 degrees. Then remove all other planets from the chart as  I simply plot only the 120 deg of Saturn aspect price line. This will be in the chart setup and you can copy them into your chart setup. Next, I apply this setup on different currency pairs or instruments (with adjusted scales). and find the best story that best interprets the market’s action and reaction to those lines. Like using support/resistance but instead, we are using aspects and planets as seen in this case we will check whether Mr. Price is respecting the Saturn lines or not. We will look closely at how the market reacts to other aspects near the Saturn line. and for extra confirmation, we will use other supportive signs from other technical indicators. Such as volume or Vwap (volume-weighted average price) accordingly to our trade plan and reasoning. For example, as a target, I may choose to use the next Saturn line as a target with a Fibonacci expansion numbers or area of liquidity.



With heliocentric coordinates:



It is the cleanest method. We shall draw only heliocentric planets on our chart setups. Then apply this setup to different instruments or currency pairs and see how it works as support and resistance levels. In the example above, we have plotted the heliocentric coordinates using the rules of the Western Zodiac. Pls note we shall deactivate the moon as the moon aspect does not apply to the heliocentric method. Therefore, all Moon aspects are empty. However, in the same breath we shall note strong representation of the moon in GBPUSD and also to other planets like the Jupiter line and the average planet line. So, it is possible to look at these lines as support and resistance levels and trade if price action confirms it. (Candlesticks, other trend indicators, oscillators) 

We will confirm our entries with price action & technical analysis. We will take a holistic disciplined approach and align technical analysis with financial astrology. looking for that sweet spot and uncover extraordinary results. 

Set up chart Set up the chart with proper scale, (custom timing if required) for at least 5-6 instruments according to your choice. Plot lines If you choose Geocentric coordinates, then disable all lines & choose only DR planet line, aspect lines. For Heliocentric keep the chart as it is. Find best instruments Now among those 5-6 instruments or forex currency pairs, find which one shows accurate reactions. Place trade Confirm your entry and exit with technical analysis & price action. Voila! you are done finding your best trade for the day.

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