Remember that the Sun spends roughly 30 days in each sign; as a result, the duration of our year is determined by the cycle of the 12 signs. 


Therefore, the Sun is currently chillin in Virgo’s house. He does this with each of his 12 closest pals, and together they are known as the Zony (Zodiac). 


Thus, the Sun informs Virgo I was hoping to throw some light on some pressing issues. The Virgin Goddess, Virgo, rubs her stomach and says, “Sure thing, take a seat you’re majesty,” in a strong, sensible voice. Virgo is a quick thinker and adaptable, as well as eminently practical and contemplative. She is skilled at constructing things thanks to her creative side. 

  Now, the Sun says, “If I know you as well as I believe I do, you ought to have a detailed agenda so that we can establish expectations for everyone’s conduct moving forward. (See Jackson Hole Financial Term  major international banks met last week.) 

  Virgo nods, then proceeds to open the door, walk up the steps, and along the green path leading to a sign that screams out “look out this is the Jackson hole” (Financial Term that took place with major international banks last week see..) she smiles and begins the  tasks she needs to perform. 

  Err! Your majesty (The Sun). “I must say, whatever we come up with, she shouts! it must have real-world applications; otherwise, I won’t use it,” she declares before turning her head and looking away. 

 The Sun replies yes, it is harvesting time, and as you are aware, this is the gathering and taking stock  of the resources and services offered. Not a task for the weak of heart. particularly at the start of this new cycle. 


We need to consider taking stock of the bounty from the growing season and say bye bye bye to last season and get nsync with the nature of things. I am aware of her love for collecting and preserving nuts for the winter. This year’s weather forecast should be more serious. 

Interest rates are at breaking levels See.. 

  While the Sun contemplates out loud “small sparks of flames shoot from his cheeks. 

 he continues confidently “As we transition into a more sobering season we should see the earthlings huddling up into a more group-oriented settings, things may become a little bit quieter yet more earnest as the season changes”. 

Moon in the Ninth House of Taurus (7° Tau 36' 37")

Keep in mind that the Moon is in each sign for 2.5 days.

People may feel secure because the Moon is in the resolute sign of Taurus at that very moment, blowing a poem-inspired kiss to the Virgo in the Sun.

Lean into these energies by being friendly to everyone you meet, whether they are a close friend or a distant acquaintance.

Keep things as they are. Follow your instincts, which are growing more conservative, but don’t cause a scene. Any difficulty can now be overcome with ease. Continue to be faithful, and I will continue to be faithful to you. Let’s now move on, support any current projects, and complete any unfinished business.

See The gold chart is currently preparing for its final impulsive wave push in the fifth wave towards 1950.34 and 1965.52. It is currently in a fourth wave correction.

You have a genuine sense of fulfilment since you have rediscovered your desire to create and build something new.


Meanwhile, Jupiter and Mercury retrograde combine forces to provide some extra luck to your social life, helping you make important contacts that could lead to fresh opportunities and prospects in the future.

How will the Jackson hole meeting play out and effect us the everyday man and woman? i.e Social, financially,

How beneficial will these practical  actionable plans be? See..

Financial Astrology : How does this impact gold?

Since the lows of 1883.231 on August 15th 2023, gold has been an impulsive 3rd wave up, rising to 1952.342.

With the sun rising, in harvest, and the moon in Taurus, we may advance with confidence to the finish line in a final 5th wave advance. Currently. Gold appears to be in a fourth wave consolidative phase right now and notably above the 200 moving average on the 4hr time frame 1961.6 

We are starting to pull away from the bountiful move up, and possibly move into a convective range bound price action with A strong need to preserve the status quo and finish any unfinished business in the coming week.

A break above 1950.00 should indicate that the last fifth wave in gold is underway leading us to 1965.50 to 1987.00 

Solitary reflections

With Sagittarius in the mist, it has a deeper emotional impact in the quest for insights into how the world swirls and into the voyage of all types of experiences after leaving the tangible lifting of spirits from the ninth house of the zodiac.

The adventurous traveller of life’s highs and low experiences this because of the ninth house (Virgo). thus may need to step back to see the wider picture, which can be difficult for someone who likes to discuss intricacies of a topic.

The third house exhibits a skill for teasing out the details of a situation. such as adult education, religious institutions, travel, or publishing companies, government agencies, or otherwise broadening one’s horizons on important topics to others, like attitudes towards spirituality or other dimensions of the meaning of life 

How far down the rabbit hole does it all go when one tries to increase their understanding of the world and their place in it? This may indicate a strong desire for exploration and cross-continental travel in search of adventure. 

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