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Your will, your purpose, your vitality, and your higher self as it is unfolding are all represented by the Sun. Cardinal-Earth rules Capricorn.

Capricorn is motivated by measurable results, has a good sense of what is doable and what isn’t, and prefers to operate within predetermined parameters. Working towards a long-term objective with social awareness 

You put a lot of pressure on yourself to succeed, and you may feel personally responsible for those close to you. Your aloofness may be a coping mechanism for issues like intimacy anxiety or low self-esteem brought on by a tight upbringing.

Capricorn is a symbol for material success and the pursuit of honour, reputation, and success in the eyes of others. You can also have a deep-seated dread of being alone that contributes to your ambition. You place a lot of pressure on yourself to accomplish and may feel personally culpable for those close to you.

During this month-long trip, we generally adopt a conservative stance. We don’t like taking chances or acting on impulse. When we play the long game, we carefully work toward our goals and plan for the future. This lets us move forward slowly but steadily and succeed. We now follow step-by-step procedures with the faith of eventually succeeding.

When the Sun is in the Fourth House, it signifies that you invest a lot of effort into looking after your closest relationships and yourself. You value your inner, spiritual life more than material success.

In order to get rid of the family experiences that do not benefit you, it is your responsibility to learn what kinds of family experiences actually nourish both you and others. You might conduct a thorough investigation into your ancestry to identify your own source of security. You function best when you give yourself permission to investigate different aspects of your inner needs so that you can wisely nurture yourself and others and be able to share your capacity for nurturing and being nourished with a larger circle.


Sun is in Virgo

Remember that the Sun spends roughly 30 days in each sign; as a result, the duration of our year is determined by the cycle of

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