Signs of our times


Everything is a circle, everything is a cycle

This disciplined approach

Discipline is a skill that can be learnt and mastered into a habit.

Timing is Everything

No matter what you're trading style timing the battle will be key.

All about Moon Phases

Throughout each month, the Moon appears to change shape while it appears in the sky at different times, including in broad daylight! Anyone can observe these changes as they happen. The Moon’s ever-changing shapes are called “lunar phases.”

The Moon’s shape changes for the following reasons:

  1. The Moon orbits Earth.

  2. Both Earth and the Moon orbit the Sun.

  3. The Moon’s orbit is the same length as the time it spins on its axis (about 28 Earth days), which means that we see the same part of the lunar surface all month.

  4. The Sun illuminates both Earth and the Moon.

All about Esoterica

Astronomy and astrology were once sister sciences: the King’s Chamber of Giza’s Great Pyramid was built to align with constellations, Persian scholars oversaw some of the first observatories, and even Galileo cast horoscopes for the Medicis. We here at Rocksolid Astroteric will be looking into how to blend the 3 areas of interest astrology, ancient philosophy, and the financial markets 

I have nothing to offer you , only that the answers are within

The answers are not written on the wall in front of you but written on the walls of the skies.

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