the Ultimate Solution for Forex & Crypto Traders

Chooses from a Multiple of trusted Accounts connect and follow with Ease, Automate Trade Replication, and Unlock Your Full Trading Potential

If it's a game might as well play to win

With our cutting edge educational AI, we can support you from where you are too where you need to be:

  • Automate ideas replication, saving you time and reduced errors.
  • Select from a multiple Master trader account compare there performance, select and connect. 
  • stop loss, take profit, effectively manage
  • Receive signal Alerts to your email and mobile device.

Are you a Forex trader struggling to find you’re unfair advantage. 

Do you miss out on trade opportunities due to the time and effort required to replicate trades across multiple accounts manually?

It’s time to revolutionize your trading experience with the Rocksolid Automate trade replication

A powerful tool designed to help you seamlessly have master traders and AI technology replicate trades straight to your trading platform. 


With affordable subscription plans Rocksolid trading™ offers a flexible and cost-effective solution

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