Are you thinking of leaving Skills4skillsworld?
When can I cancel my Skills4skillsworld contract or ask for a refund?
When you purchase a product or advertising from Skills4skillsworld you are signing up to a minimum contract term. You can request a cancellation after that minimum term has finished.
The minimum terms for Skills4skillsworld products are:, Connect, Websites, Stores, and Videos
Contracts for these products run for a 12-month minimum term and then continue monthly thereafter.
under special cases we will allow for 4/6 months minimum term
PPC, PPC Plus, Display and Social Adverts
PPC, Display and Social products have a 4-month minimum term contract which continues monthly thereafter.
PPC Premium
PPC Premium contracts run for a 4-month minimum term and then continue monthly.
Total Marketing Packages
Basic Packages
Promotion Packages
Contracts for these packages run for a 12-month minimum term and then continue monthly thereafter.
If your minimum term has passed and you wish to cancel your contract, please click here.
How do I cancel my Skills4skillsworld advertising or product?
I have a paid advert on
We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving Yell. Please let us know why you would like to leave so we can discuss your options.
I have a free listing on
If you would like to remove your free listing from, please send us a message via support or contact us page and an agent will contact you with your cancellation confirmation. To help us deal with your request you need to provide the agent with your business name, telephone number, and address.
If your business is still trading, we would encourage you to keep your listing on as it helps you get found by potential customers online. If you need to change your business details or update your free listing, you can easily do that by logging in to your Skills4skillsworld account.
Alternatively, if you don’t already have a Skills4skillsworld account, you can register your business here.
Why are you thinking of leaving us?
I’m closing my business
If you need to let us know that your business is no longer operating, please click ‘Chat now’ or call 07872578615 to speak to our support team.
I can’t see how this is working for me
We’re sorry to hear you’re not happy with your Skills4skillsworld products. We’d like to speak to you to find out what we can do to improve the performance of your advertising and make sure you have a good experience with S4Sworld. Please call us on 07872578615
I am relocating or renaming my business
Moving your business doesn’t normally require canceling your Yell contract. If you’d like to amend the areas or locations your advertising covers, please click ‘Chat now’ to speak to our support team who will be able to help.
My business focus is changing and I want to spend my advertising budget in a different area
Skills4skillsworld team can help you work out what’s best for your changing business. Please click ‘Chat now’ and a support agent will be able to discuss your options.
Dissatisfied with Skills4skillsworld products or service
How do I raise a complaint?
We are sorry to hear that Yell did not meet your expectations. Your feedback is important to us and we want to try and put things right for you. The best way for you to raise your complaint is to speak to a support agent by clicking ‘Chat now’, alternatively you can call us on 07872578615.
Or, you may write to us at 18 Thomas house MOrning lane hackney Londone9 6LB, United Kingdom.