“Once in a blue Pisces moon“ 

That’s correct: The moment that was meant to happen “once in a blue moon” has now done so. 

The Pisces blue moon will arrive in our skies on August 30 and heighten everyone’s feelings, sensitivity, and intuition. This astrological event also happens to fall on the second full moon of the month, adding poignancy to Luna’s brilliance as we are prompted to address our emotions and needs for closure. Being the final sign in the zodiac, Pisces, the energy at play supports letting go, completing tasks, and closing chapters. However, making important decisions about what or who stays in your life can be difficult, especially if your emotions and mind are at odds. 

Now is the time to lean in and dedicate ourselves to our deepest dreams and 

It’s time to lean in, commit to our deepest desires, and think carefully about the relationships we want in our lives. We have the chance to realize our ambitions and objectives because Saturn is retrograde and aligns with the moon. Our desires can begin to take shape, and they actually stand a possibility of materializing. Put your sleeves up and start working!    

 Saturn remains on the edge of the light of the moon, helping us to restore a sense of personal responsibility for maintaining boundaries and conserving our energy. 

abundance of the growing season together with nature herself, gathering and storing our nuts for the winter. As befits a more sober weather forecast, we are becoming quieter and more serious and shifting into a more group-oriented attitude. 

Solitary reflections

With Sagittarius in the mist, it has a deeper emotional impact in the quest for insights into how the world swirls and into the voyage of all types of experiences after leaving the tangible lifting of spirits from the ninth house of the zodiac. The adventurous traveller of life’s highs and lows experiences because of this the ninth house (Virgo) always steps back to see the wider picture, which can be difficult for someone who likes to discuss intricacies of a topic. The third house exhibits a skill for teasing out the details of a situation. such as adult education, religious institutions, travel, or publishing companies, government agencies, or otherwise broadening one’s horizons on important topics to others, like attitudes towards spirituality or other dimensions of the meaning of life 

How far down the rabbit hole does it all go when one tries to increase their understanding of the world and their place in it? This may indicate a strong desire for exploration and cross-continental travel in search of adventure. 

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