GBP/USD attempts to bounce from key support area @ 

GBP/USD bulls are attempting a correction from an important support area 1.21057

Back on September 27thh 2022, The British pension System was on the brink of collapsed had not the BOE stepped in and was forced to save Mr Price with another QE lifeline, bowing to the Wrath of inflation from the low of 1.0345 to its present level of 1.20934

outlook will remain bullish if this is a short-term correction from the 1.18400 area holds above if this will be the case in the coming weeks we should be seeing higher target Prices in Pounds of 1.2286 1.24110. 

With a light week of economic news for the pound until the end of the week where  we see should see some really exciting price action 


Daily Charts



Planetary Phase:

Astrological patterns

Moon Phases 


Date: Date:07/01/2023

Planetary Phase: DR

Daily Ruling is Jupiter with Sagittarius rising,

Jupiter rules Sagittarius. and mercury the messenger between the gods and men is in the first house of Aries.

Sagittarius rising people are direct and forthright, good-natured, optimistic and upbeat, making up the rising class. Jupiter is your planetary ruler. When it comes to you, one is never in the dark.


DateMoon Phase
(Lunar Phase)
Moon SignChart
January 9, 2023Waning GibbousLeoLeo16°29’


Moon Phase 

Since the moon controls the tides, it is connected to human emotions, which we consider having fluid-like characteristics. Every culture has a unique perspective on the Moon. Western astrologers often equate the moon with feminine energy.

Youth, middle age, and death are all associated with periods of life. This is due to the moon’s changing phases of “fullness.”

Death is associated with the new moon, while ageing is associated with the declining moon waning

The full moon is illuminated at this time emotions are heightened and potent creativity ripeness and the waxing moon’s growth is compared to a person in their prime.

We have currently just had our 1st full moon on the 6th Jan 2023 so Could the bullish run in gold be waning? or will there be one last glorious fight?

Leo Moon

Leo loves his family and friends “Think lioness Looking out for her cubs”. Here we have fierce loyalty and love for family. Mr. Price has the moon in Leo and this has the fire sign of the zodiac within it, laying at the tip are passion, glamour, glitz, thrills, and all the dramatic tension you can manage. But how do these qualities relate to a moon sign or the moon that is transiting? We transition from the limited perspective of “I, myself, and mine” to the domain of “I and Thou” in Leo. Leo marks a significant advancement in human psychology.

Astrological patterns

“The bucket.” Except for the focus point, which is made up of one or two planets in conjunction, all of the planets are in a group (bucket handle). The single planet (sometimes known as the “Singleton”) on the other side balances the other planets and frequently serves as a channel for the other energies in the chart.


Astroteric: interpretation:

Remember when I said Leo loves his family and friends Think lioness looking out for her cubs

Will the Bulls defend their support area of 17096 and  1.1805 like a lioness would protect her cubs or will the cycle of the waves coming down be too much for her?

With Mr Price is presently under the influence of fire, it not likely she will fail dominated by the sun—the planet of ego and identity, where the personality is warm and passionately creative—as Leo ascends. The sun is presently in Capricorn, the fire element, and its ruling planet is Saturn. As they continue to reside in Capricorn through August 13th, 2023, they should make for an intriguing few weeks of trading.

Regarding the Full Moon, since it marks the beginning of the eighth house of Life and Death, (full moon) on 7/01/2023 it may mark the end of bears and the beginning of a bull run think Samson the Sun-man from Samson and Delilah story who has been developing his vitality since Delilah cut his hair,

Gann angles Price & Time :

(Fire element ) Sun Rah Ray 1×24.000 conjuncts Earth element Rah ray 1×32.000

Gann Ratio 

2.7451 price 1.2104 and 1.2086

Economic News

00:01 GBPBRC Like-For-Like Retail Sales (YoY)(Dec)  4.1%
09:00 EUREconomic Bulletin  REPORT  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index (MoM)(Dec)  0.1%  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index (YoY)(Dec)  7.1%  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index Core s.a(Dec)  300.07  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (MoM)(Dec)  0.2%  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index ex Food & Energy (YoY)(Dec)  6%  
13:30 USDConsumer Price Index n.s.a (MoM)(Dec)  297.711  
13:30 USDContinuing Jobless Claims(Dec 30)  1.694M  
13:30 USDInitial Jobless Claims(Jan 6)  204K  
13:30 USDInitial Jobless Claims 4-week average(Jan 6)  213.75K  


Intraday charts Sign Up

GBP/USD Hourly


4hr Anchor Chart


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added the square of 9-time cycles


Friday 6th Jan 2023  Our First Full Moon



Monday 9th Jan 2023 Moon  

Waning GibbousLeoLeo14°48’


07:00 GBPGoods Trade Balance(Nov)  £-19.564B£-14.476B  
07:00 GBPGross Domestic Product (MoM)(Nov)  -0.1%0.5%  
07:00 GBPIndex of Services (3M/3M)(Nov)  -0.4%-0.1%  
07:00 GBPIndustrial Production (MoM)(Nov)  -0.1%0%  
07:00 GBPIndustrial Production (YoY)(Nov)  -2.8%-2.4%  
07:00 GBPManufacturing Production (MoM)(Nov)  -0.2%0.7%  
07:00 GBPManufacturing Production (YoY)(Nov)  -5.2%-4.6%  
07:00 GBPTotal Trade Balance(Nov)  £-1.785B  
07:00 GBPTrade Balance; non-EU(Nov)  £-10.239B£-4.823B


Trade Plane

Trade plan:

S/L : 1.9970

PRICE ENTRY1:  1.2104 

PRICE ENTRY2:  1.2086

PRICE ENTRY3:  1.2061

T/P1:  1.22270

T/P2 : 1.2204

T/P 3: 1.2181


Economic Events

Trade plan:




S/L : 



T/P 3: 


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