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We offer a complete set of tools tailored to help our clients stand out from the crowd and build an effective multi-layered stream of wealth. For the free download of the dark crystal Ea please  leave us a msg above or below and the admin will get back to you.

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Operates on MT4 Only

Dark crystal

Semi -Automatic indicator MT4

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Dark Crystal was Developed and designed by 4 divine minds, Segun Suberu, Jay Basra, Jordon Maurino and the legendary Kasimu Ijelu back in 2014. While working along the golden mile in Houndsditch London. This is where Kasimu Ijelu and the Rocksolid team members Darkcrystal Ea was first created in the trenches on the quest for the Treasure Chest of the financial markets. After many hours in the labor room, Dark Crystal Expert semi-automatic Advisor was birthed and Operates on MT4 Only M45 Version coming soon 🙂

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We are a bold and creative digital Ai and expert advisor team with over 18 years of experience in helping traders develop and execute Ai technology in the trading world.  bespoke guidance to improve and give you the edge you need in today’s new world of trading the financial markets.

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