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 The start of Aquarius season 2023 occurs on January 20, 3:30 AM ET, when the Sun exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius. Up to February 18, the Sun remains in the Water Bearer sign. The Aquarius season is a call to embrace our individuality and work on letting go of inhibitions, limitations, and beliefs that prevent us from expressing ourselves fully and authentically.

This time of year is a great time to catch the coming waves of development, evolution, revolution, and innovation. Throughout the upcoming days and weeks,  Aquarius and its contemporary ruler Uranus will gain importance. This could motivate us to make fundamentally different decisions that alter our world and how we interact.

Let’s face it: We are chaotic beings engaged in a never-ending conflict between heaven and hell, both internally and externally. As we try to move forward, awakening our inner fire and wisdom through our inner biology, while cultivating magical thoughts toward self-perfection. Hence inner cultivation has become more important than ever before. This is an internal metamorphosis where we must endure and trust the process. Life teaches us how to use our instinctive intelligence to our advantage, allowing us to have profound experiences connecting with Source. know thy-self engraved on Egyptian walls, by the rising pillars and also told to Neo by the Oracle.

“If you’re not then you’re not. If you say you are then I Am with you”. 


If we can take the time to look within, nothing is hidden from us. It is difficult to strike the perfect balance, but one of our primary goals is to be able to juggle the many responsibilities that life throws at us, testing our valour and bravery. The inner sage echos what did you learn at each crossroad as you sit and rest by the oak tree and contemplate the pressures of existence; thus far we have learnt to protect one’s self and not everything glitters is gold, whatever environment we find ourselves Never wear your heart on your sleeve because it will get bashed. Furthermore, being more forgiving of oneself can be extremely beneficial, as we can sometimes be our own worst critics as a result of unjustified mental abuse. Be cautious in whatever illusionary environment one finds themselves in, as humans can be trifling.

Astral dream travel (lucid dreaming), spiritual channels in meditation, and more effective conscious breathing practices on a daily basis are other useful tools. One can ascend as a result of consistency and connect with their inner nature. To experience yourself from the inside out, you must be prepared to do the work.

Like the serpent eating its own tail symbol, we too must realise that we are the ones we were looking for all this time, leading us deeper into the labyrinth of self to uncover more layers like a raw onion or the Matryoshka dolls.

Then only to venture deeper still into the depths of the consciousness through the superconsciousness by doing the inner work. The path less travelled the pathway angels fear to tread, the pathway of the soul’s journey, experiencing itself. 

The epic journey is vast and long for a short period of time in the grand scale of things. It is an inner challenge that manifests as self-illumination, a personal journey towards self-control and mental equilibrium, and it empowers the spirit and flesh to comprehend the mysteries that lie beyond the subconscious’s hidden veils.

Here, the adept consume themselves, their own identities, in order to give birth to another that is built via an encounter with their own darkness. Having faith in the process and inner strength. One would expect to emerge from the darkness like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon as a butterfly of self-liberation.

These epic discoveries gave rise to great empires and civilizations and the great men and women who built them.

“They were able to become something else “


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