What we’ve done So far

Program priorities emphasise the education, well-being, and safety of young girls and the fight against female genital mutilation and childhood marriage

U.K.-based nonprofits and their African partners working to help children, families, and communities throughout Nigeria Africa 

Abanise ni Oluwa

The above name means 

“Only God can do it “

We started the orphanage  home between and myself and my children all funds were generated through them then later friends and family started to help  no help from the government or from anywhere else it has only been only by god grace we have reached this point today .

when you are called to do gods work there will be many challenges to stop u from doing gods work, we had to payt for the same land 3 times over before it was claimed as our own nothing can stop cause we’ve been doing it..


“providing protection, shelter, education, and nutrition programs to children in Nigeria.”

It been an real incredible experience for me. The blood sweet and tears i believe will be reward with each child that is saved , It is my chosen purpose to serve a higher calling and through this i am fulling my duty here on earth.
Emily Suberu

reaching for more

We i have been i have seen so terrible sights or trauma.  children been throw away in Benin state Nigeria. So heart breaking i reach to the heaven and ask for answers to so many questions. Its babies they have asked us to look after because they are innocent. I believe i have been commissioned to save theses children.

As a mother my self i know how it is and i have been in that destitute situation myself so i now how it feels , i would be very grateful if we all can join hands to save theses children As a mother looking save as may as we can, 

Education & resources

Looking to provide education and learning equipment to the less fortunate.distributing books to school children, introducing medical strategies to combat the spread of diseases, or identifying and supporting women’s and children in micro-enterprise projects,

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Food, shelter and resource , during covid -19

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children will always remember as they never forget extrinsically where they get shelter food and water to survive through the hard time. We do not know what they will become tomorrow doctors lawyers scientist in essence we are investing in our future generation